“My daughter enjoys piano lessons so much that she wants to quit dance so that she will not have to leave group lessons twenty minutes early.” – Parent of 8 Year Old Girl

 “I love that you are a great teacher and a wonderful role model for my girls. They love that you are young, fun, and cute!” –Parent of Two Daughters, 8 and 10

“Thank you for making group lessons so much fun.  My kids love going to piano.” –Parent of Three Students, Boy (9), Girl (11), Boy (13)

“Karli is so wonderful. My kids love coming to piano and voice lessons.  She makes lessons fun and educational.  She is a great mix of teacher and friend! Love, love, love her!” -Alicia Brimley (Parent of Two Students, Son (5), Daughter (9 - voice and piano))

“My favorite thing about your teaching style is that you make learning the piano fun.  I’ve never had to talk Aiyana (daughter) into going to lessons, she always looks forward to seeing you!” -Ammity Holbrook (Parent of 10 year old daughter)

“My kids look forward to their piano lessons with Karli.  She makes them laugh and she smiles a lot! My kids wanted to take lessons from someone young and new; that’s Karli!” -Lynn Dolan (Parent of Two Students, Son (11), Daughter (9))

“Karli comes up with fun ways to teach me piano lessons.  She is funny too!” -Kelly Dolan (9 year old piano and voice student)

“Karli explains new piano concepts in a way that is very easy to understand” -Digger Dolan (11 year old piano student)