Three 30 Minute Lessons Per Month at $20 a lesson.  If you need to reschedule I will always try to find you another time without charge as long as you reschedule 24 hours before the students’ lesson.  I believe in trying my best to work around your schedule and rescheduling if needed. Check the calendar because if someone cancels you can always reschedule during their time or any other times I open up during the year.

Teaching Method: I believe in making piano fun for students.  I am not a teacher who gets upset when they don't practice or make them feel down about themselves when they can't learn a song, because although I push my student's to practice and give them rewards and positive reinforcement to practice, I want them to learn to play the piano for themselves.  If we can get the student to realize WHY they are taking piano lessons, learning the piano will be an even greater experience.  Every student has a theory workbook where they complete one activity a week that teaches them a specific rule in piano.  They are fun activities and don't take very much time.  They also have a technic book to help with technical aspects of piano.  The third book is a lesson book, which we use to learn one new skill a week.  Once they can complete the skill, we move on to the next one.  It is a great method of building on top of previous skills as well.  I also have them learn from a popular book, which includes songs from movies, tv shows, the radio, etc.  The students love this book and always tell me those are their favorite to play.  I also always encourage and am constantly asking my students to tell me what songs THEY want to learn.  I find the song they want to learn and together we learn it.  When they have chosen a song, it really helps with the motivation of practicing and learning.  

Once a student reaches level 3 (around 2-3 years of taking lessons) we begin a slightly different method that adds a classic book, a book of their choice (some have chosen pop songs, jazz, Taylor Swift, Disney), and Primary songs or the Hymns.  

One Hour Long Group Lesson Per Month at $20 a session.  Approximately 8 students come to an hour -long group lesson where they are given the opportunity to play a song they have been working on the past month.  Allowing students to play for one another in a small group setting helps calm their nerves for larger recitals and gives them a chance to show what they are learning.   We then play games to help each student remember the different theories that are involved in piano including dynamics, tempos, note names, piano terms, etc.  Parents and students really love the outcomes from these lessons, being both educational and fun.

Two recitals throughout the year, including a Christmas Recital every December and another in May/June, will allow for each student to show what they’ve been working on.  Each student is able to perform up to approximately three songs at each recital (depending upon the length of their songs and how prepared the student is).  This gives the students a chance to work hard and show what they have been working toward.  Many piano teachers only allow students to perform one song at each recital, but I want my students to feel more accomplished and show off as much as they can. 

Piano Store + Pianopoly: We love games here at our studio and fun ways to make learning the piano exciting! I have created a fun "monopoly" game for my students to play every week.  Each square has a different skill they have to practice that week and when they can show me they've practiced that skill, they are able to earn "piano money".  This money can be used at my studio store where they can buy prizes.  I also have mini rewards for when they practice and complete practice charts.